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Show Dates

Aug 21st Improv Show on the Groundlings G3 Stage @ 8:30PM

Aug 24th Stand up Comedy with the Doll Face Dames at The Britannia Pub @ 9:30PM

Sept 2nd Stand up Comedy at Flappers Comedy Club, Burbank @ 9:30PM

Oct 27th Improv Show on the Groundlings G3 Stage @ 8:30PM



You Don't Know My Story! Would you like to..?

Caitlin Comeskey is an LA-based writer, comedian and actress. In the late 90s, Caitlin took classes and starred in several main stage productions with The Dallas Children’s Theater. She continued to study acting through high school with Juilliard grad Cathryn Hartt at the Hartt and Soul Studio. After successfully escaping the suburbs of Texas, Caitlin studied Drama at NYU (Tisch) from 2008-2011, graduating with a BFA in Drama and a minor in creative writing. While at NYU, Caitlin did her conservatory training with The Stella Adler Studio of Acting where she was fortunate enough to study with Steve Cook, Alithea Phillips, Jimmy Tripp, Andrew Wade, and many more.

In 2012, Caitlin moved to Los Angels and began doing stand-up comedy appearing at The Comedy Palace in San Diego, The Ice House in Pasadena and The Comedy Store on the Sunset Strip. She can be seen regularly at Flapper Comedy Club in Burbank as a featured comic and emcee, as well as a featured comedian on the Unpopular Opinion show at Westside Comedy Theater. Caitlin can also be found performing bar shows weekly when she is in Los Angeles (look above for dates). As Caitlin continues to develop her comedic voice, she has added Musical Comedy to her repertoire. To see Caitlin’s original ukulele songs, check out her YouTube channel or Facebook page. In 2015, Caitlin began studying with The Groundlings School where she is currently an Advanced student. She has had the distinct pleasure of working with Jeff Galante and Sean Hogan.

On March 28th and June 15th of 2015, Caitlin’s play Entitlement was read at The Art of Acting Studio in Los Angeles. As a writer, Caitlin enters her original pilots, stage plays and screenplays to fellowships and competitions constantly. She hopes to soon have an award or credit of some kind to put in this paragraph. Until then, she forges on into the abyss